Dog Yoga for Charity

Join this fitness phenomenon where dogs join you while you bend, stretch, relax and laugh. Your ticket donation goes toHolland’s biggest animal shelter where after the class you will get a complimentary tour of the facility

Sorry, but there are currently no Dog Yoga events planned for a future date


Join us at Dierenopvang Amsterdam (DOA), Holland’s biggest animal shelter for an afternoon of Dog Yoga and a guided tour of the shelter. What is Dog Yoga? Exactly what it sounds like! We’ll be bending and moving with some of DOA’s furry friends. These shelter pets are ready to help you feel happy, relaxed and get deeper into your yoga poses. Bring your own yoga mat and we’ll provide the rest.


Helping Animals in Need

Animals often arrive to DOA carrying “baggage”, and for some, because they are old, sick or have behavioural problems, which often means they’ll need to stay at DOA longer. This is why DOA has set up a special fund for the “misfits”, or animals that are disadvantaged. Proceeds from this event go right to the shelter to support the animals who need it most.

Morning zen with furry friends

Dierenonvang AmsterdamOokmeerweg 271, 1067 SP Amsterdam