HIIT the Barre

High Intensity Interval Training + Barre Concept

Cardio, sculpting, toning + snacks and socializing after

Join Amsterdam’s newest and funkiest fitness pop-up

HIIT the Barre combines the cardio benefits of high intensity interval training with the toning and sculpting of Barre with 30 minutes of each workout to give you maximum results!

Cardio, Sculpting, Toning + Fun

We start with a 30 minute warm up and high intensity training led by Leah – HIIT instructor from Find Your Fit. During the HIIT part of our workout, we work in 2 minute intervals to focus on cardio, agility and coordination. 

Halfway through the workout, we switch it up. Then Joyce, from JSXStyle Studio OOST guides you through a 30-minute Barre Concept session. A combination of Ballet, Pilates & Yoga focusing on sculpting and toning your legs, abs and booty!

Join us for the next HIIT the Barre

It’s the best of both worlds and it’s the perfect way to try both HIIT and Barre.

Details coming soon!