High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for all levels offered at the Asics Community Space

next class! Currently offered on weekly on Zoom. Wednesdays 12:10PM. 9 EUR per class will tikkie after class / Zoom ID: 980 250 4013

It’s time to sweat while also meeting new people and making connections!

This 55-minute class based on a popular American fitness program called Insanity. All fitness levels, from beginner to advanced are encouraged to join this fun, group-focused cardio-conditioning and total-body strength-training class.

HIIT in the Asics Community Space

The Asics Flagship Store next to Vondelpark offers a Community Space where HIIT classes are offered

  • Wednesdays at 10:00

10 EUR per class, pay at the beginning of class

Mark yourself as going on Facebook. Each class has room for 8

Sweat first, workout gear and coffee after

Joining the class at Asics also earns you 10% off shoes and apparel in the Asics store.

We also usually have a coffee at a nearby cafe after the class. Join us!