Review: Asics Winter Running Gear

Colder weather is here and I needed some warm running gear to keep me going through the winter months. Lucky for me I got some sweet running clothes and accessories at the Asics flagship store which just so happens to be next to Vondelpark -- a perfect opportunity for a fall run and to test out my new running clothes.

Running in the winter: Survival Kit

If you're new to running in colder weather, there are some basics that you'll need to stay warm and dry and even more importantly, visible if you're running when the sun is down (which is basically all the time during Dutch winter).

Long Sleeve Top

You need something to keep your body warm during the run. I like the half zip option because your body can get some cool air as you start to warm up. I got theEss Winter 1/2Zip which is seriously so soft and warm inside but its motion therm so you stay dry (even if you get as sweaty as I do when running). Safety first! There are even some reflective details on the front and back so you can be seen in the dark.


Out of all my Asics tights, the "Lite Show" tights are my favorite. They are comfortable because of the stretch, motion-dry fabric and relaxed waist band. Seriously, I could wear these as pajamas. Probably the coolest feature is that they are high visibility running tights. The lower leg panels have a reflective print so you shine bright like a diamond in the dark.

Vest or Jacket

In past winters I've worn light jackets over a long sleeve top, but this is the first year I've tested out a vest while winter running. Vests provide more warmth than most people realize. When you keep your 'organs' warm during your run, your whole body will stay warm as well. That's why it's really important to wear a vest. I chose the stylish "Fuzex Padded Vest." It feels really light but kept me warm.


This one is quite obvious. If you're still running without gloves you probably can't feel your fingers after keeping them out in the cold air for a long period. Invest is a good pair of winter running gloves like the "Winter Performance Gloves" from Asics. Added bonus:Media touch fingers so you can use your cell phone without taking the gloves off. Even better: the thumb has a special "nose wipe" fabric for that cold runny nose. Maybe that sounds gross, but I'm just keeping it real!

Hat or Headband

Hat or Headband? Tough choice. Since I wear my hair up for runs, I naturally lean toward the headband but I'm sure a hat keeps your head warmer. It's really personal preference. I went with the "Winter Headband" but Asics has many stylish options this season.

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Be smart, gear up!

You’re in luck, Asics will give you a 10% discount in the flagship store if you mention you're with Find Your Fit.

Happy shopping!

Written by Leah Carlin

Founder & Organizer of Find Your Fit

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