Virtual Workouts with Leah

Hi there!

12PM CET Virtual Classes
Monday - Friday

How it works

Leah is an Amsterdam-based fitness instructor who has been teaching group fitness since 2007. Since gyms and fitness studios have been closed due to COVID-19, Leah is now offering virtual classes via Zoom including HIIT, Barre, Tabata, and more!

Once you've added yourself to the email list, a daily email is sent 30 minutes before the live class starts. In it is a link to the Zoom meeting. Mostly all workouts do not require any equipment besides a mat (and maybe a chair).

All class times are CET but you are welcome to join wherever you are! If you're not able to make the live workout, check out the Find Your Fit YouTube Channel for previously recorded Zoom classes.


12:00PM CET | Home WOD



12:00PM CET | Barre


12:00PM CET | HIIT


12:00PM CET | Legs, Booty, Core


12:00PM CET | Tabata