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It has been a while since the last workout of the week but maybe that's because there wasn't anything worthy until F45 set up shop in Fredriksplein in Amsterdam.

What is F45?

Offered 6 days a week (Sunday is rest day), the workouts are45 minute high-intensity, circuit training. Some classes are cardio-focused and some days strength-based and on Saturday - a little of both.The F stands for "Functionality" and the 45 represents the duration of each class.F45 has a database of over 3,000 different exercises which means members never get the same workout twice.

My 1 week free trial at F45

What better time to try a free trial week at F45 than right before your beach holiday? This type of a workout will surely kick your body into shape in a short amount of time and indeed each workout is exactly how they advertise -- each one different from the other but all of them challenging, sweat-inducing, and in a high-energy group atmosphere.

Typically, the room is set up in stations. Sometimes you work in pods of 2-4 people. There are 2-3 trainers in the room who initially explain each exercise and then power through the room to help, motivate and push you to your limits during each timed interval. Because the workouts are only 45 minutes, there isn't much time for rest, just enough for you to reset before you push yourself again.

We did everything from cardio based exercises (burpees, mountain climbers, tuck jumps) to functional movements (sprints, ladder runs, jumprope) to strength (chest press, kettlebell, hammer swing). The variety of exercises and workouts makes the class move quick and challenges your body in new ways each time.

About F45

Originally from Australia, F45 set up its first studio in Amsterdam in Fredriksplein a little over 1 month ago. Because F45 is a group-training facility it already creates a supportive group atmosphere where members challenge and support each other. They are already quite popular with the expat population and they've created a little community of their own where members get to know one another, grab drinks on the weekend and even go to breakfast after the Saturday morning class.

Classes are offered as early at 6:30 in the morning and there are morning, lunchtime and evening classes as well which means -- no excuses.

Want to get fit? Lose weight? Tone up? F45 is the spot.

There are several awesome ways to try F45 NOW! Here is what I recommend:

Sign up for the 1 week free trial. Take as many classes as you can to get a feel for what its all about and to immediately notice a change in your body.

If you love it, grab yourself a Groupon for a month of unlimited lasses or a 10 class pass.

If you're ready to go right now and want to kick your butt into serious shape, hurry up and register for the 8-week challenge starting next week (16 July)!



F45 Fredriksplein

Frederiksplein 8
1017 XM Amsterdam

Written by Leah Carlin

Founder & Organizer of Find Your Fit

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