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Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam

Cruise through any park in Amsterdam and you'll notice how much people exercise outdoors in this city. There are loads of bootcamps, running groups, personal training sessions and fitness classes offered in all major Amsterdam parks. Maybe we should take a hint from these outdoor exercisers because there are many benefits to an outdoor workout that you can't get in the gym -- fresh air, mind/body connection with nature, lots of space, sunshine (sometimes), and changing up your typical exercise regimen. All reasons why you should try the Workout of the Week: KETTLEBELL OUTDOOR AMSTERDAM.


What is Kettlebell Training?

A kettlebell is that funky bell-shaped weight with a handle at the top that let's you swing, push, press, lift and even drag it. The weights range from light to heavy which enables people of all fitness levels to use them and allows a variety of exercises to be performed.

Kettlebell classes allow you to train high intensity intervals with short rest breaks in between. This intense type of training enhances your endurance, explosiveness and strength.


Getting Fresh Air with Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam

FYF community member, Steph, is a frequent flyer at the Kettlebell Outdoor workouts in Vondelpark so I joined her for a Monday evening 19:00 lesson. We started with a warm up -- a few jogging laps around the training area followed by dynamic exercises like high knees, shuffles, and walking lunges to get the body warm. The workout was divided into 3 circuits, with 3 sets in each circuit. Most exercises involved swinging, pressing, or lifting the kettlebell with some bodyweight exercises, like pushups, scattered in between. We covered it all -- legs, chest, triceps, and the last circuit specifically focused on abs and core.

It was a full body workout in just an hour and man was I feeling it during the workout and for the rest of the week as well! It’s clear to see why Steph and others keep returning to Kettlebell outdoor. The training sessions are really diverse covering strength, endurance, mobility, explosivity and other complex skills. This makes the sessions fun and always different.


Reasons why you should try Kettlebell Outdoor

Classes in English As long as there is 1 non-native Dutchie in the class, they always teach classes in English.

Accessibility If you live in Amsterdam then you probably live nearby to one of the parks where Kettlebell Outdoor sets up camp: Westerpark, Vondelpark and Oosterpark.

Availability They offer classes in the morning (7:00) and evening (19:00, 20:00) during weekdays and other times on weekends. Oh and don’t worry about weather getting in the way because they offer classes all year long; rain or shine, cold or hot...they are always there. Since they bring all the equipment all you need to bring is some water and because the workout is outdoors, be prepared that you may get dirty. But a little dirt never hurt anyone, right?

Variety Steph shared the reason she keeps coming back to Kettlebell Outdoor is because, "each class is different. Even the format can change so you're always getting a new workout which can be endurance, HIIT, strength training or a combination." The classes can be hard and intensive but you will enjoy each training session because of the great variety in the workouts which makes classes go by fast and challenges the body each time.

Getting strong & fit in the great outdoors There is something magical about exercise in an outdoor setting, even in the rain and snow. You’ll feel stronger and gain an increased body/mind connection.

Book a class through the Kettlebell Outdoor website or through OneFit

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Use code: Tryoutdiscount


 Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam

3 locations: Westerpark, Vondelpark, Oosterpark
**Classes can also be booked via OneFit

Written by Leah Carlin

Founder & Organizer of Find Your Fit

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