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If you’re reading this, you're probably already interested in sport and fitness in some way. Whether it is because you enjoy exercise, just do it because its necessary or perhaps you’re motivated to get back into a fitness routine. Amsterdam is a great city to sport in because there are so many options to choose from. Even as an international in this city, there are plenty of fitness classes and groups offered in English. But so many of these groups and studios have different pricing options that it can be hard to keep it all straight. That’s why I’m sharing the magic of OneFit with you this week!

What is OneFit?

OneFit is a system that allows you to exercise all over Amsterdam (and other NL cities, too). Once you register, you can visit hundreds of gyms and studios in the city and arrange everything yourself online. If you are looking for something new in your exercise regimen, they probably have it. You can choose from a wide variety of lessons and locations at pretty much any time of day. HIIT, kettlebell, bootcamp, dance, pilates, kickboxing, yoga, pole fitness, aerial yoga, jumping fitness, swimming... just to name a few.

Strong Flow Yoga at De Nieuwe Yogaschool

Classes in English

Because I’m on a quest to find the best fitness lessons that are offered in English, I registered for OneFit which allowed me to easily try new lessons each week. I’ve had OneFit for 2 months now and can’t believe how many new workouts I’ve tried and new places in the city that I’ve visited.

A few favorites where classes are offered in English: The Conscious Club, Hot Flow Yoga, Yagoy, Studio 191, De Nieuwe Yogaschool, Equal, Chasse Dance Studios, Kettlebell Outdoor, Studio Anna Mora

Vinyasa at The Conscious Club

Though not all lessons offered with OneFit are in English, chances are if there is an English-speaking person in the class, the instructor will either teach the class in English or provide you with English cues so that you can follow along safely.

Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam in Vondelpark

Why I’m loving OneFit

If you’re someone who gets bored by the same old workouts and will need some motivation this winter to stay active, a OneFit membership is a really nice option.

Here’s why I love it:

Variety, Accessibility, Availability A different workout everyday? You can do it all and in a way that fits your schedule. I would have never tried pole fitness or jumping fitness if I didn’t have the opportunity through OneFit and guess what? They are really fun (and equally difficult)!

It holds me accountable When I register for a class, I’m making the commitment to attend. So if the couch is calling my name, I’ve already registered for the class so I've committed to going and I will. Yet OneFit is still flexible enough that if I know in advance I can’t make the class, I usually can cancel the reservation within 8 hours of the class time without any penalty.

Fitness with my fit friends This was probably the most unexpected benefit but #1 reason why I’m loving OneFit. It turns out a few of my friends also have a OneFit membership. There’s a really cool feature on the app where you can add friends and see what classes they’ve registered for. If there’s room in the class, you can join, too. You can also invite your OneFit friends to join you in a workout. Since Find Your Fit is all about fitness + fun with others, OneFit totally fulfills the fitness + social aspect. I’ve even made some new friends through taking some new classes. Shout out to some of my OneFit buddies who I’ve sweat with over the past few months: Laura, Lauren & Dana


Barre Burn at Studio 191

Join and receive a €25 discount

How many of you have signed up for a annual membership at a big factory gym and barely stay motivated to make it there regularly? If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, first make sure it is fun. Work out together with friends. Try a new class. You can still go to a regular gym through OneFit when you get the urge. You can even go to a sauna and get cryotherapy through the membership. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, you can also use OneFit to take the classes (HIIT and Barre Burn) that I teach at Studio191.

New Members to OneFit can receive a €25 discount


i'll try onefit!

Once you’ve registered, make sure to send me a friend request through the app so we can plan a workout together!

Written by Leah Carlin

Founder & Organizer of Find Your Fit

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